Wednesday, March 10, 2021

How Bad Signage Can Hurt Your Business

 Bad Signage Can make for Bad Business
What does signage do for your business. Good signage can be an effective tool in your Businesses' marketing strategy. With its ability to immediately communicate with customers, demonstrate your brand’s style and tone, and win both attention and foot traffic, signage is one of the most important marketing investments any business can make.

However all signage isn't effective signage, and if you miss the mark with your signage’s message, design, or placement, you could end up wasting all of the effort and money you spent in its creation.

So the question is, What is Bad Signage? Bad signage tends to lack a clear message. Bad signage is usually poorly designed and hard to read, and lastly Bad Signage is dirty or in need for repair. There are other components of bad signage, but for the sake of time we would like to focus on these three key components.

The first component being that your signage lacks a clear message Design, placement, size, and branding are important, but they mean nothing if the central message of your signage is confusing.

According to the Signage Research Foundation’s 2014 study on consumer perceptions of retail signage, nearly 55% of all consumers across every major retail sector — admitted to driving past businesses or dismissing a business altogether if their signage’s message was unclear.

 The second key component being that your signage is hard to read. Your sign could look very nice, but the point of signage is that people are supposed to read it and know what your business is an what products and services your business offers.

According to Lektron branding solutions ,some examples of hard to read signage are:
  • Poor choice of location or angle
  • Improper size
  • Text that’s too close together
  • Poor luminance
  • Overly complex fonts
  • Poor contrast of text and background colors
  • Your signage being too close to similar signs
  • Overly busy visual elements
Lastly, the third key component of bad signage is, your signage is dirty or in disrepair. Even if your signage has been expertly designed, perfectly positioned, and has a clear message full of wit and charm, it’s all for nothing if it looks broken or dirty to your customers.
Your Signage is the first impression that your business makes. it is important that the impression be good as it can have an impact on the way customers view your business.
Let HQ Signs diversify the needs of your business. Remember “A business without a sign is a sign of no business.”

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