Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Good Signage

 What Is good Signage?

What does good signage look like? Good signage looks different depending on your business. However, good signage has some consistency regardless of what business it is for. 

The consistent characteristics that make signage good are: Size, positioning, content, and legibility. Starting with the size of your sign. Obviously you want you sign to fit the size of your business. If your sign is to small, it becomes virtually impossible to draw customers in. If your sign is too large it can be off putting and take the attention away from your actual business.

The positioning of your sign is extremely important as well. Your sign can be responsible for half of the traffic that comes into your business. If your sign is placed in bad location, your business is likely to see less traffic. If your sign is place in an optimal location your business is likely to see way more traffic. 

The content of your sign is another important component. Signs are there to look pleasing, it is important that they catch the eye of your consumers. You want to make sure your sign conveys a good message for your business. It has to entice people to enter you establishment. 

Last, but certainly not least legibility. The whole point of your sign being there is for people to read it. If your sign is not legible it does not serve a purpose for your business. It can in fact be off putting to consumers. Entering a business with an illegible sign, makes the business look bad. 

So let HQ Signs help you find what works for your business.

Remember "A business with no sign, is a sign of no business."


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

 Why is signage so important for your business?

Signage can do so many things for your business. whether you are just starting out or trying to rebrand your business, signage adds a sophistication to your business. The point of having signage in its simplest form is so people can know that your business is here and ready to help customers with what they need. 

Signage is responsible for creating traffic to your stores. How many times have you seen a sign on a storefront and been interested to go inside and take a look. I can personally say that is how I discover some great stores. In a study that Fed Ex did they found that 67% of customers will go into  a store and buy a product simply because a sign caught their eye. 

Signage can help your business develop a strong customer base. When businesses first start out they don't immediately have a customer base. So, business owners display signage on their store fronts and around town and those pieces of signage are usually responsible for about 50 percent of their customers. 

HQ Signs can help you discover the best uses for Signage in your business!

Remember " A Business with no sign is a sign of no business."

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